Side by Side

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In this article you will find the unique information about Side By Side feature. If you want to learn about some more general issues like using a shortcodes or additions etc. See the list bellow or browse the general section.

Side by Side is made with Divider Block Row & Column Addon. You can see examples of such usage on

Make sure that you have got Row/Column Addons (separator, overlay, toggle, animation) enabled in Dashboard->Massive Panel.

To enable Divider Block for a column, simple  create new column  or  edit existing one . Then  In Extras Tab (1)  you will see a  Divider Block – Enable (2)  checkbox. Once enabled your column will be turned into divider between two other columns and presented in Visual Composer Editor as  transparent element with dashed border (3) .

Please notice that you need at least 3 columns in your Row.