Scroll To ID

In this article you will find the unique information about Scroll To ID addition. If you want to learn about some more general issues like using a shortcodes or additions etc. See the list bellow or browse the general section.

Scroll to ID is a really simple addition which give you lots of freedom. You can link one element to another. When the link element is clicked the page will automatically scroll the the second element specified by the ID (we will call it a receiver).

To create working example you need to define the linking element and the receiver.

The Receiver

To define the receiver  create new  row or  edit existing  row (click the edit button – pencil icon). In  General Tab (1)  you will find the  Row ID (2)  field, here you need to specify the ID (Please Note: to avoid errors please use lowercase characters and underscore “_” instead of space). In this example we will use  sticky_column_idscroll  as an ID.


Linking Element

Any element which has a  link property  can be our linking element, for example: row, column, button etc. In this example we will use a button.

Edit existing button or create new one. Inside the popup go to General Tab (1) then scroll to the  Link field (2) . Click the  Select URL  button. For the  URL (3)  specify the same value as the row ID with # at the beginning. For us it will be  #sticky_column_idscroll .

Please Note: If you want to use Sroll To ID between two seperate pages you need to use full URL for with the # + ID at the end. For example:


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