Info Circle

In this article you will find the unique information about Info Circle shortcode. If you want to learn about some more general issues like using a shortcode etc. See the list bellow or browse the general section.

This shortcode is a container. In order to work properly, container shortcodes needs to be filled with items.
Important: This shortcode is based on Info Box shortcode. You need to insert Info Box inside the Info Circle for it to work.
Examples Of Use:

You can see a beautiful use of Info Circle on one of our pre-made templates: Pineapple, Yew.

Detailed shortcode description

Bellow you will find a table with all of the shortcodes features and fields. On the right you will find a description for each field/section. All of this settings are available in shortcodes popup, it will be displayed once you create a new shortcode or hit the edit (pencil icon) button.

Option Description
Slide Show Check to enable slide show. Icons will auto swap once the slide show delay pass.
Active Item Define which icon column should be active by default.
Slide Show Delay Specify delay between slides.
Content Size Choose content block size. Round connected icons are taking 100% size of its container. You can choose how big would be the inner content block.
Active Item Effect Choose one of the animation types. You can apply the animation to the preview box on the right with the Refresh button.
Background Background field contains options needed to create an awesome background inside our shortcodes. You can choose from color (with opacity/alpha channel), radial and linear gradient or custom image. Each background type have some additional options for best outcome control. Learn More »
Border In simple mode, this field offer a settings for width (for all edges), style, color and radius. Advanced Settings give an additional control for width of each edge (top, bottom, left and right). Learn More »
Custom Class Add your custom class to the element. Mostly used for custom CSS/JS.

This shortcode comes with a lots of features. Check the list below for more details (click on each feature to learn more):


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