MPC Fields List

In Massive Addons, we created a few brand new fields for Visual Composer that makes things a bit easier. These fields are incorporate into Visual Composer Popup and provide an extended functionality.

Below, you can find a list of new fields with a instructions how to use them properly. We also prepared a video tutorials for the most advanced ones.

Preset field

Preset field is a complex element to manage presets across all Massive Shortcodes. It supports all of our presets and also allow to create, delete, rename or edit them. The complete guide can be found here.fields-preset

Typography field

Typography field gives you a control over almost all font settings. It also incorporate a Typography Preset functionality. Please read article about Typography Preset before you start using this field.fields-typography

Layout Select

This simple field help you to choose a different layout for some shortcodes. All you need to do is click on an interesting layout preview. We will adjust the available options and shortcode output based on selected layout.fields-layout-select

Icon field

Icon field from Massive Addons allow you to choose from 8 different icons fonts like: Font AwesomeElegant IconsElegant Line IconsElusive IconsMaterial IconsMassive IconsTypeIconsDashicons. What’s more, our Icon Field provide a possibility to use a character or image instead of icon from icons fonts. The complete guide for this field is available herefields-icon

Background field

Background field contains options needed to create an awesome background inside our shortcodes. You can choose from color (with opacity/alpha channel), radial and linear gradient or custom image. Each background type have some additional options for best outcome control. Check this article for more information.fields-background

Border field

Border field adds a possibility to set up a border around whole shortcode or its elements like icon, content etc. In simple mode, this field offer a settings for width (for all edges), style, color and radius. Advanced Settings give an additional control for width of each edge (top, bottom, left and right). Check this article for more information.

Padding/Margin field

Padding and Margin field are very similar. It is one of most common field across our shortcodes. The simple mode, contain options for padding/margin size (for all edges) and unit (px, em or %). Advanced Settings give an additional control for width of each edge (top, bottom, left and right). Check this article for more information.

Animations field/tab

Animation field contain one or two types of animations based on shortcode. Enter Animation allow to specify an appear effect for shortcode. Loop Animation is enabled only for selected shortcodes/elements. This animation will be played in an infinite loop. Check this article for more information.