Massive Panel

Massive Panel

  • Massive Panel – you will find a few site wide options to customize Massive Addons.
  • System Info – here are information about your WordPress installation, server settings, installed theme and plugins.
  • Page Installer – you can use that feature in order to instlall page Templates included into Massive Addons.

Massive Panel Settings

Global Settings have been added into Massive Panel tab in your WordPress Dashboard.

  • Easy Mode – turn On/Off an Easy Mode for all shortcodes. More information about Easy Mode can be found here.
  • Animations on Mobile – this options will enable or disable all animations at mobile devices. It is useful for websites with a lot of animations. It can also resolve a performance issues at mobiles.
  • Parallax on Mobile – this options will enable or disable parallax effect at mobile devices. It is useful for websites with a lot of visual effects or animations. It can also resolve a performance issues at mobiles. Enabling this option will not affect parallax “Fixed” style, it is always disabled on mobile since iOS devices does not support it.
  • Single JS/CSS file for All Shortcodes – if disabled, this option replace the minified version of all shortcodes styles and scripts with a single file for each shortcode. Useful if you disabled a lot of shortcodes.
  • Row/Column Addons – very important option to make Massive Addons compatible with some themes. If your theme contains custom options for Visual Composer Rows or/and Columns we suggest to disable those addons. Please notice that disabling this option will remove Row Styles, Overlays, Toggle Row and Animations introduced with MA.
  • Use Magnific Popup instead of old PrettyPhoto – you can use included into Massive Addons Magnific Popup or stick to default Visual Composer PrettyPhoto lightbox.
  • Scroll to ID – if your theme comes already with build-in Scroll to ID feature, then you have option to deactivate the one included into MA.
  • Characters Decoding – enable to fix problems with language diacritical marks – use this option only in case if you have noticed problems with your language diacritical marks.
  • Remove Google Fonts – enable to cut reference for Google Fonts, you will no longer be able to use them with a Typography Presets – use this option to completely remove Google Fonts usage in Massive Addons. You will only have access to default web fonts like Arial/Helvetica, Bookman, Comic Sans MS, Courier, Garamond, Gorgia, Impact/Charcoal, Lucida Console, Lucida Sans Unicode, MS Sans Serif, MS Serif, Palatino Linotype, Tahoma/Geneva, Times New Roman, Trebuchet MS and Verdana/Geneva.
Shortcodes Manager

In Shortcodes section, you can decide which shortcodes are not needed and you want to disable them.

After hovering on shortcodes you can see a blue and orange highlights.

Shortcodes highlighted in blue are necessary for hovered shortcode to work (they will be turned on with hovered shortcode).

Shortcodes highlighted in orange are dependent from hovered shortcode (they will be turned off with the hovered shortcode).

Purchase Verification

If you want to use automatic updates, then fill in that field with your Massive Addons Purchase Code

Google API

This field is required if you want to use Massive Addons Map element. You can obtain your own Google Maps Key here:

Presets Installer

The Presets Installer has been described in details in separated article.

Preset Previews Images

We are presenting presets in graphic way, so you can easily decide, which one you want to install or use on your page… that’s a lot of images.


We strongly recommend downloading preview images to your server. Thanks to that preset installation and preset preview popup will work MUCH faster.

Video Tutorial

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