Grid: Anything

In this article you will find the unique information about Grid: Anything shortcode. If you want to learn about some more general issues like using a shortcode etc. See the list bellow or browse the general section.

This shortcode is a container. In order to work properly, container shortcodes needs to be filled with other shortcodes.
Detailed shortcode description

Bellow you will find a table with all of the shortcodes features and fields. On the right you will find a description for each field/section. All of this settings are available in shortcodes popup, it will be displayed once you create a new shortcode or hit the edit (pencil icon) button.

Option Description
Columns Number Select number of displayed columns.
Gap Choose gap between grid items.
Items – Border In simple mode, this field offer a settings for width (for all edges), style, color and radius. Advanced Settings give an additional control for width of each edge (top, bottom, left and right) Learn More »
Custom Class Add your custom class to the element. Mostly used for custom CSS/JS.
Enter Animation Enter Animation allow to specify an appear effect for shortcode. Learn More »

This shortcode comes with a lots of features. Check the list below for more details (click on each feature to learn more):


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