Getting Started

The purpose of this article is to carry you through the setup process and the first steps in the use of our product. Below, you will find a list of steps needed to start with Massive Addons. For some elements, we created a separate articles with a detailed explanation of the most advanced features. So… let’s start!

In this article, we assume that you have a working WordPress website. If not, please follow the official guide for WordPress installation before you start.

1. Plugin download from CodeCanyon

Navigate to, then make sure you are logged in and follow these steps:

  • Go to your Downloads page.
  • Click the ‘Download’ button next to your item and select ‘Installable file only’.

— OR —

  • Click the ‘Download’ button next to your item and select ‘All files and Documentation’.
  • Extract the .zip file to your hard drive.
  • Find file inside extraction directory.

2. Plugin installation

Important: Our plugin is an extension for Visual Composer. You need to have Visual Composer installed and active to use Massive Addons.

Massive Addons can be installed like any other premium WordPress plugin. Navigate to Plugins  » Add New » Upload, then select downloaded in previous step. Click Install Plugin and wait a short while. If everything was fine, you can move to step 3.

If you encountered a problem during installation, please check the detailed installation instruction. This article should help you resolve most of the installation problems. If not, you should check and make sure that your server meet the Requirements.

For more help, please check the Troubleshooting article and fill a support ticket.

2.1 [Optional] Theme installation.

Massive Addons includes a WordPress theme called Bober. If you want to use it we suggest to check the Theme Installation guide.

2.2 [Optional] Automatic updates from Envato Market

We recommend to enable automatic updates for all plugins / templates purchased at Envato Market. Please notice that official plugins updater from Envato is still in beta version. We tested this installer and did not find any problems. Please check Automatic Updates article to receive detailed instruction.

3. Massive Panel & Presets installation

Massive Panel contains a global settings for our product. It also allow to disable not needed shortcodes and, most important, contains the  Presets Installer .

We strongly recommend to install all predefined presets. Especially for presets installation, we created a text and video tutorials included in Presets article. The are 3 videos that contains information needed to install, use and manage presets.

To complete your knowledge about presets, you should also read about Typography Presets, Navigation Presets (Carousels only) and Pagination Presets (Grid Posts).

Important: Please read all articles related to Presets in order to avoid misunderstanding during usage of Massive Addons. Presets are really easily to use after reading these articles.

4. Create a first shortcode

After the presets installation is finished you can start creating your awesome website. We are aware that first steps into something new are always hard. That’s why we created another video tutorials for you! Want to know how to create your first shortcode? Please read and/or watch a tutorial at this page Adding a shortcode.

5. Templates installation

As you could see at our preview pages, Massive Addons comes with 18 different page templates. These templates will work best in connection with Bober template but you can also use them inside your template.

All templates have been prepared as a text files with shortcodes. All you need to do is a copy-paste them into WordPress Text editor. Templates files and more detailed instructions can be found inside Templates Installation article.

6. More awesome stuff

We created 60+ articles to make your experience with Massive Addons as good as possible. All of them are located under Massive Addons Knowledge Base.

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