Like any other shortcode this one also comes with build in presets for you to use, edit or duplicate. Presets are the easiest way ever to use shortcodes. Presets have been described in details in this article.

Typography Presets

Typography presets lets you easily change font style, size, weight etc. Across one shortcode, or even across the whole website. Typography Presets have been described in details in this article.


Animations comes with tones of effects.  They can be applied when object is in a specific part of the screen or even constantly looped. Animations have been described in details in this article.

Icon Support

Icon support means that a shortcode has an Icon field. there are 8 icon font families incorporated inside Massive Addons with over 2,500 icons to choose from. Icon field has been described in details in this article.

Gradient Support

Gradient support means that a shortcode which has a background property may use gradients. We have prepared special field so you can easily create them. Background field has been described in details in this article.


This shortcode supports layouts, which means there are many completely different arrangements available for you to choose from.


The Massive Addons package is fully responsive: each shortcode, addition or the theme itself was carefully tested (on real devices) and tweaked to look awesome.

Retina Ready

Each element of Massive Addons was created in a way to be fully retina ready, along with our admin panel and Visual Composer styling.

WPML Support

We are fully supporting WPML so you can easily translate the plugin to any language.


Massive Addons is fully modular which means that each shortcode is a separate module and is only loaded when it is needed.

PSD Included

Each shortcode comes with a fully layered PSD file for you to play with. You can use it to create your own layouts or shortcode stylings.

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