Easy Mode

This is a unique Massive Addons feature, for each shortcode there is an easy mode available which strips all of the advanced settings and leaves only the key fields. Load presets, change content, tweak the basics and you are done in seconds!

Without Easy Mode turned on all of the shortcodes options are available. For advanced users or people who want full control this is fine but we know there is a huge demand on getting things done fast & easy. That’s why we have come up with Easy Mode.

What easy mode does is pretty simple, when you turn it on all of the advanced and non mandatory options are hidden. You see only the necessary settings like: color, content etc. There is no need to change margins, paddings and hover effect when you want to create a simple button.

The outcome of Easy Mode is awesome because every shortcode becomes simple and easy to manage. You can load a preset, change color & content, hit “save” and you are done! No need to go through all of the settings. This is the best compromise between settings freedom and ease of use.

Video Tutorial

Please check the video tutorial showed below for better reference.