Content Presets

In Massive Addons, we introduced a brand new, author’s presets system. Content Presets can be used to easily recreate most of Advanced Examples and even whole Row or Column sections from our preview website.

What are Content Presets?

In update 2.0 we introduced new type of presets. Content presets, as the name suggest, allows you to save whole WPBkaery Page Builder (formerly Visual Composer) row or columns with content located in them. This way you can easily recreate same layouts and style on different pages. We created over 400 content presets, including page sections which will be better explained below.

Elements listed under Column Content Presets:

Elements listed under Row Content Presets:

How to install Content Presets?

Installing content presets is same as installing style presets. You have to navigate to Massive Panel. There on the bottom of the page you will find Content Presets section. You have two options – you can install all at the same time (be patient during this process because installer must download all images used inside selected presets) or select specific shortcode and presets you want to install.

How to use created or installed Content Presets?

Content Presets are available for use in any VC row or in it’s columns. To load a content preset edit row and navigate to tab called Extras. There you will find section called Content Presets where from dropdown you can choose layout you want to use. You can also select desired layout under preview & load button. Once you have made your choice, click load content button. A popup will appear where you can choose content placement:


Prepend content – sets your content before items in specific row

Append Content – sets your content after items in specific row

Replace Content – deletes content in row and substitutes it with chosen layout

You can perform same actions in tab Extras located in column options.

Remember: You don’t have to worry about row & colum styles like for example row stretch, full height, paddings, backrounds, overlays, ect. They are saved automatically.

Please check the video tutorial showed below for better reference.

Installing presets

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