Info List

In this article you will find the unique information about Info List shortcode. If you want to learn about some more general issues like using a shortcode etc. See the list bellow or browse the general section.

This shortcode is a container. In order to work properly, container shortcodes needs to be filled with items.
Important: This shortcode is based on child Info Box. You need to insert Info Boxes inside this shortcode so it can work properly.
Examples of Use:

You can see a beautiful use of Info List on one of our pre-made templates: Apricot, Avocado, Banana, Coconut, Fig, Kiwi, Pineapple, Purple, Vailla, Yew.

Detailed shortcode description

Bellow you will find a table with all of the shortcodes features and fields. On the right you will find a description for each field/section. All of this settings are available in shortcodes popup, it will be displayed once you create a new shortcode or hit the edit (pencil icon) button.

Option Description
Main Preset Presets are used to easily configure your shortcode. You can choose one of the premade presets or create your own. You can preview the available presets with Preview & Load Preset button. Learn More »
Orientation Select icons orientation.
Columns Number Select number of displayed columns.
Connection Target Select connection target:
Icon: lines are drawn between icons;
Box: lines are drawn between whole icon columns.
Side spaces Choose side spaces for each column. Spaces are added to both sides of each column so the gaps between columns would be twice the size of specified value.
Number Select number of connections lines.
Style Select lines style. Learn more about line styles here.
Color Choose lines color.
Gap Choose vertical gap between lines. Small lines Gap and large lines Weight may lead to lines overlap.
Weight Choose lines thickness.
Custom Class Add your custom class to the element. Mostly used for custom CSS/JS.
Option Description
Enter Animation Enter Animation allow to specify an appear effect for shortcode. Learn More »

This shortcode comes with a lots of features. Check the list below for more details (click on each feature to learn more):


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