Background field

Background field contains options needed to create an awesome background inside our shortcodes. You can choose from color (with opacity/alpha channel), radial and linear gradient or custom image. Each background type have some additional options for best outcome control.

Available types of backgrounds

Color: Color background is the most basic type of backgrounds in Massive Addons. It contain only one option called: Color. Please notice that this field supports transparency.fields-background

Gradient: This background type allows you to create a gradient in a few mouse clicks All changes are displayed in the preview box on the right.

  • choose starting and ending colors (with transparency support)
  • position of both colors (smooth or sharp color transition)
  • angle of color transition
  • linear or radial gradient type


Image: The most complex background field type with a lot of options to choose from. Check the list below for better understanding each of them:

  • Image: upload or choose background image from Media Library
  • Position: choose image alignment position
  • Size: Define image size. You can use default WordPress sizes (thumbnail, medium, large, full) or pass exact size by width and height in this format: 100×200.
  • Color: choose background color. This color will be displayed below the image. Useful for images with transparency
  • Repeat: Select image repeat style. Mainly used by patterns
  • Display Size: Select background size. Learn more about background sizes here.


Video Tutorial

Please check the video tutorial showed below for better reference.

Gradient Background

Image Background

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