Automatic Update

Automatic Update is a great way to always be up to date in terms of any plugin / template updates. The newest version of Massive Addons brings not only a new awesome features but also increase the security of your website.

In version 2.0 we added possibility to update plugin under Plugins tab -> Instal Plugins or Dashboard -> Updates.

Purchase code is required to enable automatic updates notification and download.

To update your product you need valid Purchase Code (you can add it in Massive Panel).

If Purchase Code is incorrect the updater will return info: update failed or not authorized. If you live empty space where code should be added you will be asked for adding correct purchase code.

Remember: Information about update can be available with a slight delay because of build-in WordPress cache. If you want to check for the newest version click “Check Again” in Dashboard -> Updates.
Information about recent update is also available in Changelog.


Envato Market plugin method, deprecated since 2.0:

To enable automatic updates for Massive Addons you would need to install an official Envato Market plugin. The installation process is the same as for Massive Addons, you can use this article as a reference. Envato Market plugin can be download from an offical wesbite: . For more information about Envato Market plugin please check this forum topic at Envato Forums.

After installation and activation of Envato Market plugin, please search for Envato Market tab inside your WordPress Dashboard and follow instruction from plugin.



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