Adding a shortcode

In this article, we will go through the whole process of adding new shortcode. We will use predefined presets to speed up the creation of shortcodes. If you prefer a visual explanation, please check our video for this section at the bottom.

1. Adding a shortcode

If you are aware of how Visual Composer works or you already have a row element, you can skip this point.

At page edit screen, click at  ‘Add Element'(1)  button. In opened popup, you can see a build-in VC shortcodes and a brand new  Massive Addons shortcodes(2) .

Click at the selected Massive Addons shortcode. Element will be inserted into your content and an edit popup will appear.


2. Shortcode settings

In our tutorial, we will use a Button shortcode from Massive Addons. In shortcode edit popup, find  Preview & Load preset (1) button and click it. A new box will appear for preset selection.

Please notice that each predefined preset (created by us) have an image preview. You do not have to try each of them to find the best one.

Good to know: Presets should be used as a first step in shortcode creation becase each preset change will overwrite shortcode options.

After preset loading is finished, you would need to set  URL (2)  and  Button Title (3) . And… you are fine to go!
Click  Save Changes (4)  to close popup, save your page/post and check the effect.



3. Advanced Shortcodes

In our preview we also have more advanced examples of our shortcodes usage. We added them to show you that you don’t have to limit yourself to standard solutions. If something is not available on the spot, you can probably recreate it using shortcodes included in MA package. We’ve added some examples and saved them for you as a content preset so you can use them right away.

On this list you can find for example:

To use those styles you have to load them into column or row using our content presets. You can learn more about this in Presets & Content Presets article.

Video Tutorial

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